About Us

Our Mission

We welcome you to the institution for higher learning of sock literacy. There are few opportunities to show one's true colors in this world, so why not start from the ankle, up.

Here it is our mandate and mission to be a credible resource in the betterment of the foot. We believe that every person not only has the right to sock comfort, but should be awarded the opportunity to a virtuous and fair price point, a range of unique styles, and a real commitment to quality.

Say farewell to your threadbare past and welcome to an era of sock enlightenment. Discard the droopy dollar store discount tubes! Chuck your grandfather's mundane gold toes! Put those faded black dress stocking to rest! We want to afford the common man a strong foundation of sock knowledge and inspiration, from the perfect look for a formal wedding to the best ways to add a touch of personality below the pant leg. We pledge to give you the tools you need to make each look your own, so you can go forth stylishly and leave your footprint on the world.

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You have to know the rules before you break them.

Company History

Three "Sockpreneurs" coming together. One an entrepreneur, one an attorney and marketing strategist and one an attorney and media man.

One man was responsible for handling the manufacture. One man was responsible for the marketing and PR. One was responsible for the website and operations. All helped build the designs. To say the least, it was a learning experience and total blast! Overall, we were very pleased with the result. Now, we hope you are too!

We design our own colorful yet professional and stylish socks, and sell them for only a few bucks. We ship our socks in 24 hours and there is a flat rate shipping price of $5.95 no matter how many socks you buy (free shipping on orders of $40 or more). Oh yeah we also have a sock of the month club, a six pack and sock gift cards.

Get noticed. Look great. Join us in crossing your legs, raising your pant leg and showing off your socks!

How it all got started

One Small Step For Man...

A word from the Chief Wisdom Officer

Meet The Team

Sock 101 - Kelly Yarborough

Kelly Yarborough
Co-Founder/Chief Wisdom Officer

Sock 101 - Jason Grill

Jason Grill

Sock 101 - Dave Feyerabend

Dave Feyerabend

Sock 101 - Lea Bailes

Lea Bailes

Sock 101 - Matt Smith

Matt Smith
VP of Everything Awesome

Sock 101 - Jeremy Sickel

Jeremy Sickel
Director of Brand Partnerships

Sock 101 - Kyle Palmer

Kyle Palmer
Lord of Logistics

Sock 101 - Anna Ruckman

Anna Ruckman
Director of Ankle Art

Sock 101 - Tosha Everhart

Tosha Everhart
Sock Boss

Sock 101 - Karen Willis

Karen Willis
Socks Receivable

Sock 101 - Annie Stopulos

Annie Stopulos
Account Wizard

Sock 101 - Sean Williams

Sean Williams
Ankle Artist