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Coming June 2017 - New Courses

Sock 101 Subscription Course

Sock 101
The Classic

The Basic: This course is for sock beginners or the classic type. Designs will range in colors but never too edgy to scare you off. In this course you’ll take your sock drawer from drab to dapper in no time. You’ll be the envy of your plain sock-wearin’ friends!

Coming June 2017

*Current members are automatically enrolled in this course

Sock 201 Subscription Course

Sock 201
The Trendsetter

Middle of the Road: This course is for the fashion forward thinkers. The ones that enjoy letting a little bit of their inner style shine through in their sock game. Designs are bold and striking, not exactly as bold as our Brave course but still enough to catch someone’s eye – in a good way. Not too cold, not too hot… but just right.

Coming June 2017

Sock 301 Subscription Course

Sock 301
The Brave

Wild & Crazy: This course is for the bold and the brave, the class clowns of the group. Every month is like an unexpected pop quiz – you have NO IDEA what your subscription bag holds inside. The wild & crazy designs might range from donuts to birds or sushi to cassette tapes… You will have people on their toes waiting for what you’ll wear next. Behold, the brave.

Coming June 2017